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We don't want you to waste your energy trying to understand your gym contract when you could spend it on your training and achieving your fitness goals.

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Classes are some of the most effective ways to get fit and have fun and at the same time get educated.  We offer a large diversity of classes to keep it exciting.

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Our trainers focus on educating you so that your results are guaranteed.  We want you to be confident in your investment of your time and money.

Why Catalyst?

"I liked the idea of a small gym after going to much bigger gyms for many years. The gym has exceeded my expectations as it caters to people like me who want to be fit and not necessarily "bulk up".

The atmosphere is very nice and it is not full of machines but instead uses different and innovative things and ways of being fit. Also very nice to see some serious athletes working hard so they can be good at their sport."

– Dave Parry, Catalyst Member

New @ Catalyst

Fascial Movement Training

Catalyst is now offering Fascial Movement Training with Colin Bell. His sessions entail a mixture of a table stretch series, using myofascial lines as a guide, and weight room corrective exercises.                      For more information or to book a session, contact Colin at




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