Functional Fit

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Functional Fit is at the core of our Catalyst philosophy: train in the gym to improve your abilities outside these walls. The classes incorporate mobility, strength and conditioning all scaled to suit any fitness level. All Catalyst Functional Fit classes are guide by our Personal Trainers, each with extensive educational backgrounds, ensuring that you’re in good hands. Our combined focus on educating and proper movement mechanics makes for a safe, non-intimidating setting for the classes.

Interested in a sample class? The workouts are posted 1 week in advance on our website. Have a peek! 


Spin (outdoor & indoor)


Welcome to our luxury high performance indoor cycling program. Come in early for your first class, and one of our experts will set up your bike to suit your body. We keep your custom fitting on file and when you book your class, your bike will be set up upon arrival. Our Cycle Ops Phantom bikes offer top of the line heart rate, cadence, speed and power capabilities.

Wednesdays @ 7:00AM: Sunrise classes with Isaac  / Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11:30AM: Sweat hour with Saskia 


Stretch & Mobility


This stretch class is designed for repair and recovery. You will learn how to use various fitness tools to your advantage (rollers, across balls, etc). A very humbling experience, this is an hour where simple, and sometimes “weird” movements are improved over time. Come for a fully guided hour and leave refreshed and limber!

Wednesdays @ 9:30AM: Get bendy with Vicky