Corporate Training

We all know that prolonged sitting is very detrimental to the body, and that staring at a computer screen can often create a stressful state of mind. Catalyst can help! We’ve offer private Corporate team building classes, in a dynamic and educative manner. The sessions are fun, creative, and challenges both the body and the mind alike… because Corporate wellness should not be boring!

"RingPartner has always been focused on building effective teams and our company thrives on creative, collaborative and effective teamwork. Dan Clayton and Catalyst have helped todevelop and improve our teamwork through creative, challenging and engaging team building workouts.

These workouts allow our team to solve puzzles, work together and push each other in a setting outside of work in a safe and interactive environment. We can't thank Dan and Catalyst enough for helping build a strong and connected team!”

– Mike Williams, VP, Ring Partner



Team Training

“Over the past six years, the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club's (FGPC) Gorge Outrigger crew has gone from a new team with a handful of members to an annual contender in Canada’s outrigger canoe racing scene. While the team does a lot of on-water training, one area where Gorge Outrigger’s coaches felt improvement could be made was in functional strength and fitness, and that’s where Catalyst has really taken our paddling to the next level.

The training programs and technical expertise of the Catalyst trainers were exceptional, and their personal approach during sessions created an atmosphere of support and growth that brought people from all types of weight training backgrounds (in some cases none) to competent, confident Olympic lifting and functional fitness. 

– James Hill