Specialty are build with progression in mind, using strategic programming to inch towards your ever evolving end goal. Registrations are limited, and may require an Initial Fitness Assessment. 


Strength Academy


GROUP I       Coach: Dan Schafer

Next round: Monday, July 09 2018 --> SOLD OUT

Days & Times: Mondays / Wednesdays/ Thursdays @ 6:30AM

Cost: $300 / 8 weeks


GROUP II        Coach: Alex Mueller

Next round: Tuesday July 10 2018--> SOLD OUT

Days & Times: Tuesdays / Fridays @ 6:30AM & Saturdays @ 10:30AM

Cost: $300 / 8 weeks

This program will offer a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. Each workout will test a different part of your functional strength and conditioning, not specialized in one particular thing, but rather the goal of building a body that's capable of practicing anything and everything. You will gain strength, improve your fitness and flexibility.


Endurance Program

Specialty Program SB.JPG

Coaches: Saskia Bjornson / Colin Bell

Start Date: NEW round starting in FALL 2018

Days & Times: TBD

Cost: TBD


This Specialized Program will focus on cardiovascular conditioning, incorporating a (fun) mixture of spin and outdoor running drills combined with high repetition bodyweight exercises. One training day will dedicate 30 minutes to stretching and mobility in order to avoid overuse injuries that may occur when training at an endurance level. 

Stay tuned for more information on our full 8 week Endurance Program launching in the fall, which will include periodized training designed to help you conquer your next race!


Calisthenic Program

Specialty program header.jpg

Coach: Dan Clayton

Start Date: Next round starting in FALL 2018

Days & Times: Wednesdays & Fridays @ 12:30PM

Cost: $200 / 8 weeks

This program uses the best form of resistance - yourself! You will learn how to master bodyweight exercises, all while ensuring full range of motion. The coach will put you through a combination of "weird", progressive-friendly exercises that will enable your inner gymnast to come out and play.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know what your body can do. All levels welcome! 


Stretch Program

Specialized Stretch.jpg

Coach: Colin Bell

Start Date: TBD

Days & Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4:30PM

Cost: $280 / 8 weeks

Desk Dweller Delight! Do you sit down all day? Do you suffer from pain? These things may be linked. Upper and lower cross syndrome are blanket terms that describe the tensional imbalances inside the body when we sit too much. Learn to unwind tight tissue through compression techniques and banded stretching, to further grow and strengthen your body by specific exercises that improve posture and movement.