Mark Milburn (Owner)

Mark moved to Victoria in 2006 after travelling around the world as a fashion model and athlete. He studied at the University of Victoria and worked at a small boutique fitness facility called Bodhi. Here he was able to establish himself and build a reputation as a dedicated personal trainer. In 2009 the opportunity was presented to take over the studio and Mark rebranded and started Catalyst Personal Training. At its peak he had 12 full time personal trainers and over 300 active clients. In 2013 Mark was offered an opportunity to open a second, larger full membership facility, called Catalyst Waterfront.

Mark is the adventure and lifestyle host on the new Bravo TV Series Timber Creek Lodge that launched in December 2016.  He has worked in and around the entertainment world for the last 10 years and has been featured by various brands as a technical specialist in fixing movement inefficiencies.


Professional Qualifications: Diploma in Exercise Wellness - NAIT CSEP CPT Agatsu Kettlebell MovNat Level 2

Professional Qualifications:

Diploma in Exercise Wellness - NAIT


Agatsu Kettlebell

MovNat Level 2

Dan Clayton (Trainer)

Dan arrived at being a Personal Trainer via Alberta, Egypt and Thailand, and recently made his home here in Victoria after completing two seasons of Rappatack wildfire fighting. Although he has a knack for “flashy” and “weird” exercises, Dan is a master at teaching the basics. His passion for teaching movement awareness is done by teaching his clients to listen to their bodies and to make informed movement decisions in and out of the gym. He’s able to expose their weaknesses, which is the foundation for building the strength they need.

On top of being a very successful Personal Trainer, Dan also teaches Catalyst’s High Intensity Training class on Mondays @ 11:30am and Stretch & Mobility Thursdays @ 12:30pm.


Professional Qualifications:

Certified Personal Trainer

CrossFit L-1

CrossFit Weightlifting 

Exercise & Wellness - Camosun College 

Dan Schafer (Trainer)

Dan Schafer is half sherpa, half scientist at Catalyst Waterfront. He approaches health and fitness as an experiment and helps guide his athletes to understand that getting what they want from training is not as complicated as some think. His sharp eye for technique and holding his athletes to high movement standards has resulted in a highly successful Strength Academy program, and Technique class. His "test subjects" have experienced improved strength, mobility and overall fitness - and they keep coming back for more! 

See what Dan's all about by trying his Technique class on Wednesdays @ 11:30am. .


Professional Qualifications:

Fitness Theory

Weight Training Cert.

BCRPA Personal Trainers Cert.

CrossFit Certification

Lee Colegate (Trainer)

Lee was a Red Seal Chef for several years, once she had a family she quickly realized this was going to be a very difficult career to maintain and spend the time she wanted to with her kids. Lee decided to stay home with them until they started school. Once they started it was time to choose a career that she was going to love and be passionate about: fitness. Lee has a knack for creating interesting and challenging workouts for all fitness levels and ages - teaching people their stronger than they think.

On top of her passion for teaching, Lee also teaching Catalyst’s Strength classes on Tuesdays and Fridays @ 11:30am.


Professional Qualifications:

Exercise and Wellness Diploma from Camosun College

Psychology Diploma from University of Victoria



Courtney Bates (Trainer)

Growing up, Courtney loved playing sports and was involved with many teams. After leaving high school, he decided to follow his passion for athletics and pursue an education that would enable him to do what he loves. While completing his studies at UVic and Camosun College Courtney was able to gain experience training individuals with diverse needs and goals; his clientele included the elderly, athletic teens, individuals with sensory impairments, wheelchair athletes, and many more. This path has been incredibly rewarding for him and had enabled Courtney to optimize his own health, as well as his client’s.


Professional Qualifications:

Bachelor in Sport and Fitness Leadership (BSFL)

Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1) 

CSCS - Pending

Adam Black (Trainer)

Adam fell in love with the gym after spending his whole life playing sports. Throughout that time he has competed nationally and internationally in various competitions. He has also coached provincially ranked hockey teams and top track athletes. Adam has spent time coaching fitness in Hawaii, using measurable, functional movements to improve all aspects of fitness, to a wide variety of abilities. Possessing a degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership, Adam has the skills necessary to modify and adapt any fitness program for anyone with a Chronic Disease to High level athlete, to ensure that everyone is enjoying their training and meeting their individual needs.


Professional Qualifications:

NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program, Canada)

Triathlon Coach (Intro to Sport),

Para-Rowing (Learn to Row)

CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology): Certified Personal Trainer.

YMCA: CycleFit, Individual Conditioning Level I, Group Fitness Instructor

Nic Patenaude (Trainer)

Nic started the path working in the fitness industry in early 2009 when he first was volunteering at the YMCA in the Youth Gymnastics program. As his first experience in a real gym, he soon caught on to their CycleFit classes, and started attending them, then loved them so much he decided to take his certification through them! Boom—now Nic instructed Cyclefit at the YMCA, but it wasn’t enough. Nic went out and received his BCRPA Group Fitness, and started instructing at several other local gyms and started his journey working towards a degree in Sports & Fitness Leadership. Through this program Nic has expanded his knowledge and passions to exercise physiology, health and fitness promotion, physical activity’s influences on mental health, and health & fitness program management.


Isaac Leblanc (Spin instructor)

Professional Qualifications:




Coming soon


Professional Qualifications: Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership BCRPA Spin Instructor NCCP Triathlon Community Coach CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology): Certified Personal Trainer.

Professional Qualifications:

Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership

BCRPA Spin Instructor

NCCP Triathlon Community Coach

CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology): Certified Personal Trainer.

Saskia Bjornson (Spin instructor)

Saskia has always had a passion for physical activity - whether it be playing volleyball at a competitive level, snowboarding with friends or competing in triathlons. To further her passion, Saskia went to school to study Sport and Fitness Leadership where she learned the importance of inclusion of every ability taking part in physical activity. Saskia is happiest when she can motivate others and help tackle goals. She is always looking for another epic goal to crush - she recently completed her first Ironman race in 2016. 


Professional Qualifications:

Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Vicky Doucette (Manager & Trainer)

Growing up in a small town in New-Brunswick with nothing much to do but play outside, Vicky dipped her toes in many sports from figure skating to hockey to volleyball (just to name a few). Upon graduating high school, Vicky initially went to university to become a pathologist. Plans quickly changed as she missed the active surroundings, and transferred to UNB in Fredericton in pursuit of her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. In 2006 she moved to Calgary, and immediately started working as a Weight Room Supervisor and Personal Trainer, and eventually General Manager at Heavens Fitness where she spent 9 wonderful years. Most of Vicky’s clientele are office workers and older individuals - she has a drive for improving someone’s quality of life.