Catalyst Atmosphere 

"I liked the idea of a small gym after going to much bigger gyms for many years. The gym has exceeded my expectations as it caters to people like me who want to be fit and not necessarily "bulk up".

The atmosphere is very nice and it is not full of machines but instead uses different and innovative things and ways of being fit. Also very nice to see some serious athletes working hard so they can be good at their sport." - Dave Parry


Strength Academy (I, II) & Coaching

"Firstly, as an "older" woman I was a bit nervous about starting the class.  But, when I met Dan for my first session, he understood exactly what my goals were and made me feel very comfortable.  The last eight weeks have been fantastic.  All of the classes are well organized and small enough to feel like you have your own personal trainer.  Dan is an outstanding coach.  He is very precise, organized, patient and pays attention to each and everyone of his trainees. He modifies the workouts to accommodate everyone's skill levels, but challenges them as well.  He gives great instruction and tips.  The group is really nice as well and very supportive.

I could go on forever about how great all of you are. Thanks for everything and I'm really looking forward to my session." - Seso Bains


STRENGTH ACADEMY II Results! Great work, Sheena!

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Great trainers keep you focused on your goals and encourage you to succeed. Over the past five months that I have gone once a week, they have helped me increase my strength by 40%. Incredible! Thanks to everyone at Catalyst. See you soon” - Kent Gorrie


Dryland Training

"Over the past six years, the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club's (FGPC) Gorge Outrigger crew has gone from a new team with a handful of members to an annual contender in Canada’s outrigger canoe racing scene. While the team does a lot of on-water training, one area where Gorge Outrigger’s coaches felt improvement could be made was in functional strength and fitness, and that’s where Catalyst has really taken our paddling to the next level. Starting in the winter of 2014, and continuing still, FGPC and Gorge Outrigger teamed up with Catalyst to develop and deliver a strength training program for paddlers. Some  on-water training time in the winter was replaced with gym time, and the 2015 racing year was the first with the new training model. Gorge Outrigger crews went faster than ever, winning men's and women's championships in two different age categories. Not only did the paddlers come into the summer stronger and fitter, the gym sessions turned out to be an unexpected team-building opportunity as everyone supported each other through the tough workouts to push harder and achieve greater gains.

The training programs and technical expertise of the Catalyst trainers were exceptional, and their personal approach during sessions created an atmosphere of support and growth that brought people from all types of weight training backgrounds (in some cases none) to competent, confident Olympic lifting and functional fitness.

The sessions for Gorge Outrigger were so popular the FGPC partnership with Catalyst has expanded and there are now strength sessions for other programs and yoga classes for paddlers open to all FGPC members. We’re looking forward to growing this partnership to help people meet their paddling and fitness goals." James Hill


Corporate Team Sessions

"RingPartner has always been focused on building effective teams and our company thrives on creative, collaborative and effective teamwork. Dan Clayton and Catalyst have helped to develop and improve our teamwork through creative, challenging and engaging team building workouts. These workouts allow our team to solve puzzles, work together and push each other in a setting outside of work in a safe and interactive environment. We can't thank Dan and Catalyst enough for helping build a strong and connected team!" - Mike Williams